New Release: And neither had either of us seen anything more moving than the layers of a children’s birthday cake, baked upon the heath

Very happy to announce this, and very grateful to Richard Pinnell of Cathnor for releasing this disc:

1And neither had either of us seen anything more moving than the layers of a children’s birthday cake, baked upon the heath


recorded 2011

title taken from a poem by Alice Lilley

Released by cathnor

Review: new releases from Oragnized Music From Thessaloniki

Wasted Five Years - Jack Harris and Samuel RodgersTwo pieces of writing on mine & Samuel Rodger’s latest release, Wasted Five Years, as well as the concurrent release on Organized Music From Thessaloniki, Kona kai by Yparxei Provlima Amalia.

#1 – Review by Brian Olewenick at Just Outside:

#2 – Review by Patrick Farmer at The Field Reporter:

Many thanks to Brian and Patrick. You can purchase the cassette tape from OMFT or direct from me by clicking HERE (£5 INC.P&P).

SARU Round Chapel Event Documentation

July Mountain PosterFull video documentation, compliments of Stella Kun + Kostis Kilymis (with high-quality audio compliments of Samuel Rodgers), is now available for an event that took place in November 2013 at The Round Chapel, Clapton, London. The event was organized by Patrick Farmer, and supported by Oxford Brookes’ Sonic Arts Research Unit and Café Oto. The event featured the music of composers’ Michael Pisaro and Makiko Nishikaze.

Michael Pisaro – Ricefall :

Makiko Nishikaze – piano in person I (performed by Tim Parkinson) :

Michael Pisaro – July Mountain :

Performers and contributors were: Daniel Bennett, Seth Cooke, Stephen Cornford, Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Angharad Davies, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer, Lawrence Dunn, Bruno Guastalla, Jack Harris, Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis, Dominic Lash, Will Montgomery, Tim Parkinson, Samuel Rodgers, David Stent, Greg Stuart, and Paul Whitty.

Wasted Five Years Launch Event Recording

A few recordings from the event to launch Samuel Rodger’s and my tape Waste Five Years on Organized Music From Thessaloniki have kindly been uploaded by Compost and Height.

You can find them here:

The event took place at Café Oto’s Project Space and featured two duos, one from Sarah Hughes & Kostis Kilymis, and one from Samuel and myself.

You can purchase the tape from OMFT or direct from me by clicking HERE. (£5 INC.P&P)

Live at Cafe Oto Project SPace

Photo credit: Richard Pinnell & Sarah Hughes

Review: Curating Sound

A review of Nottingham Contemporary’s ‘Curating Sound’ event at The Park Tunnel, Nottingham, has appeared in LEFTLION. You can read it here:–curating-sound-performance/id/6366#.Uq8x_OCA3ke

The event featured sets by John Butcher, Phillip Henderson, and a duo from Rebecca Lee and myself. Many thanks to all those attending and to those organizing and supporting.

Curating Sound Performance, Nottingham Contemporary

Curating Sound Series, Nottingham Contemporary

TunnelThis week Nottingham Contemporary will be hosting a series of events about the issue of curating sound, to coincide with their Geoffrey Farmer exhibition Let’s make the water turn black.

As part of the series, Rebecca Lee and I will be performing a new work (alongside sets by saxophonist John Butcher and Phillip Henderson) at The Park Tunnel, a unique tunnel structure located in the park estate in Nottingham.

“Collaboratively devised as an antidote to questions of form, structure, agency, and purpose – or even just an attempt at answering the simple question of how to play and why- this semi-improvised piece sees a plain, functional presentation of constellations of pitch clusters, split between the flute and sine tones. Four sets of four pitches were determined prior to the performance, chosen for their individual and combinatorial qualities. Intuitive, focused, rehearsed, influenced, led, reactive, and responsive decisions by each of us decide when a specific pitch will be sounded, within an overarching geometric mobile form, with the express goal of forming unadorned and un-propelled figures which emerge, creating a flat but shifting plane, akin in our minds to the movement of the circadian shift. The implications of such action may be anti-ideological and an attempt to present the listener with doubt, facing a material that lacks the compelling emotional symbolism of narrative cadence or pop-culture.”

For more information about the events taking place this week, visit

The performance in the Tunnel be will taking place on Thursday 12th December at 7PM. Use the postcode NG1 5AW to find us!

Wasted five years

Extremely happy to announce the release of a new cassette tape by the duo of myself and Samuel Rodgers on Organized Music from Thessaloniki.

Many thanks to Kostis Kilymis at OMFT for releasing this, and many thanks also to Adan Asnan for dubbing the tape.

You can purchase it direct from me for £5 including P&P or you can buy it direct from Organized Music from Thessaloniki.

To celebrate the release, Samuel and I will be playing as a duo, as part of a bill with Kostis Kilymis and Sarah Hughes, @ Café Oto’s Project Space on 29th November. (Details can be found here)

Waste five years

Wasted Five Years - Jack Harris and Samuel RodgersWasted Five Years is a new release from the duo of Jack Harris and Samuel Rodgers. Close collaborators for a number of years (with a previous release on Consumer Waste behind them, and more forthcoming in the future), their work meshes feedback, amplification, electronics and field recording approaches into their own blend of improvised music. Going to great lengths to welcome the influence of sounds from their environment into their work, this latest recording finds them playing along to the sounds of an empty office complex at Nuneaton, UK. In a largely unedited documentation of the pair’s performance in situ, the ears wander between absorbing stretches of ambience and carefully placed sound-events in the aural space. The 47 minutes of this sonic postcard are pro-dubbed on one side of this chrome cassette edition, to allow for uninterrupted listening.

PRIMARY residency finishes

Unfortunately my time in residence at PRIMARY, Nottingham, is now over. I had a fantastic time on the residency, produced a large cache of recorded material, developed and resolved various inquiries I had been working on in my playing, and was fortunate enough to initiate a rich collaboration with sound-artist, musician, and permanent PRIMARY resident Rebecca Lee. I also got to meet a whole load of interesting and exciting people and practitioners, and enjoyed exploring the city of Nottingham.

A really fantastic stay, of which the recorded material is proving rich as I work my way through it.

Many thanks to Niki, Michelle, and all the artists at Primary for making me feel so welcome and facilitating my time there, and many thanks also to Ruth Claxton at Eastside Projects for the same. The residency was supported by Eastside Projects and Turning Point West Midlands so many thanks to those organizations as well!