PRIMARY residency finishes

Unfortunately my time in residence at PRIMARY, Nottingham, is now over. I had a fantastic time on the residency, produced a large cache of recorded material, developed and resolved various inquiries I had been working on in my playing, and was fortunate enough to initiate a rich collaboration with sound-artist, musician, and permanent PRIMARY resident Rebecca Lee. I also got to meet a whole load of interesting and exciting people and practitioners, and enjoyed exploring the city of Nottingham.

A really fantastic stay, of which the recorded material is proving rich as I work my way through it.

Many thanks to Niki, Michelle, and all the artists at Primary for making me feel so welcome and facilitating my time there, and many thanks also to Ruth Claxton at Eastside Projects for the same. The residency was supported by Eastside Projects and Turning Point West Midlands so many thanks to those organizations as well!