Wasted five years

Extremely happy to announce the release of a new cassette tape by the duo of myself and Samuel Rodgers on Organized Music from Thessaloniki.

Many thanks to Kostis Kilymis at OMFT for releasing this, and many thanks also to Adan Asnan for dubbing the tape.

You can purchase it direct from me for £5 including P&P or you can buy it direct from Organized Music from Thessaloniki.

To celebrate the release, Samuel and I will be playing as a duo, as part of a bill with Kostis Kilymis and Sarah Hughes, @ Café Oto’s Project Space on 29th November. (Details can be found here)

Waste five years

Wasted Five Years - Jack Harris and Samuel RodgersWasted Five Years is a new release from the duo of Jack Harris and Samuel Rodgers. Close collaborators for a number of years (with a previous release on Consumer Waste behind them, and more forthcoming in the future), their work meshes feedback, amplification, electronics and field recording approaches into their own blend of improvised music. Going to great lengths to welcome the influence of sounds from their environment into their work, this latest recording finds them playing along to the sounds of an empty office complex at Nuneaton, UK. In a largely unedited documentation of the pair’s performance in situ, the ears wander between absorbing stretches of ambience and carefully placed sound-events in the aural space. The 47 minutes of this sonic postcard are pro-dubbed on one side of this chrome cassette edition, to allow for uninterrupted listening.