Curating Sound Series, Nottingham Contemporary

TunnelThis week Nottingham Contemporary will be hosting a series of events about the issue of curating sound, to coincide with their Geoffrey Farmer exhibition Let’s make the water turn black.

As part of the series, Rebecca Lee and I will be performing a new work (alongside sets by saxophonist John Butcher and Phillip Henderson) at The Park Tunnel, a unique tunnel structure located in the park estate in Nottingham.

“Collaboratively devised as an antidote to questions of form, structure, agency, and purpose – or even just an attempt at answering the simple question of how to play and why- this semi-improvised piece sees a plain, functional presentation of constellations of pitch clusters, split between the flute and sine tones. Four sets of four pitches were determined prior to the performance, chosen for their individual and combinatorial qualities. Intuitive, focused, rehearsed, influenced, led, reactive, and responsive decisions by each of us decide when a specific pitch will be sounded, within an overarching geometric mobile form, with the express goal of forming unadorned and un-propelled figures which emerge, creating a flat but shifting plane, akin in our minds to the movement of the circadian shift. The implications of such action may be anti-ideological and an attempt to present the listener with doubt, facing a material that lacks the compelling emotional symbolism of narrative cadence or pop-culture.”

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The performance in the Tunnel be will taking place on Thursday 12th December at 7PM. Use the postcode NG1 5AW to find us!